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I'm Nobody, Erma Steppe

I'm Nobody: My Mother Said It; I No Longer Believe It - Erma Steppe

I suspect a lot of this goes on today.This was a very heartfelt and revealing telling of what many children are going through.This woman's telling of her life as she remembers it, touched me in many ways that I find hard to describe. This is not a story for the under 18 age group. Erma tastefully recounted many of the things she went through. No child should have to go through what Erma and her siblings and even her cousins went through in their young lives. I applaud Erma for the courage to reveal these things though her mother would say it hadn't. I liked that Erma shared copies of documents that back up some of what she said. Thank you Erma, for sharing your and undoubtably many others tale. I give this a 4* and a job well done.